Dresden Christmas trip 2015

Come with us and enjoy the special Christmas atmosphere in Dresden!

You can visit the oldest continuous Christmas market in Germany (the tradition dates back to 1438).You can also enter the beautiful churches Hofkirche and Frauenkirche, marvel in Grünes Gewölbe, the biggest European treasury, or visit one of several famous museums and galleries (Sistine Madonna by Raphael on show there). If you love milk you must visit Pfunds Molkerei the Guinness Book–certified “world’s most beautiful dairy shop” and one of the most expensive in the city :-), and if you like alternative lifestyle, you can visit Dresden Neustadt borough with its crazy blue house singing during the rain. And OK, Primark is also in Dresden :-o. Last but not least, Dresden is the place where you can see the world-famous Dresden Codex, one of three unique pieces of Maya books survived in the whole world untill now.

The price for trip is 200 CZK. It includes only transport to Dresden and back.

If you want to join the trip, come at 16:30 on December 8 to IC-CUNI office (Voršilská 1, Praha 1 — the nearest tram stop is Národní divadlo, trams 6, 9, 17, 18, 22, for more see: http://mapy.cz/s/mYh5 ), where we collect money and give you some basic information. Paying the trip there is the condition to join the trip! We do not accept payments on the day of departure (Of course, if your friend cannot attend, you can pay for him/her).

The limit of participants is set on 120 persons. We don´t make any reservation in advance, simply first 120 persons that will pay, will go! During the meeting there will be also possibility to sign up to the organized visit of Maya Dresden codex (it will cost additional 50 CZK).

Basic plan of the trip:

7:00 Meeting at Main Train Station (Praha Hlavní nádraží)

10:30 Arrival to Dresden

10:30 — 19:30 FREE TIME to visit Dresden!!!

19:30 Meeting in Dresden train station

0:00 Arrival back to Prague

More Information

On the following website, you can find inspiration what sights to see in Dresden:

http://www.dresden.de/dig/en/sightseeing/sehenswuerdigkeiten.php (link is external)

Here is the website for public Transport in Dresden:

http://www.dvb.de/en/Homepage/ (link is external)

Brief history of Dresden:

http://www.dresden.de/en/02/07/c_01.php (link is external)

Short documentary about Dresden christmas market:

http://youtu.be/yPTmP9iKtEM (link is external)

Some information on the Dresden Codex:

http://latinamericanhistory.about.com/od/Maya/p/The-Dresden-Codex.htm (link is external)