Charles University consists of 17 faculties (14 faculties in Prague, 2 faculties in Hradec Králové, and 1 faculty in Plzeň). The Faculty of Science was established in 1920 as the fifth faculty of the Charles University. 

The Faculty of Science is divided to 4 sectionsBiology, Chemistry, Geography and Geology.  Each section is composed of several departments. Helpful for you can be the list of departmental Erasmus coordinators.

The Faculty of Science also consists of a large Botanical Garden and 3 museums (Hrdlička Museum of AnthropologyChlupáč Museum of Earth History, and Mineralogical Museum). 

You can find important contacts and Erasmus Office opening hours here.

The Campus of the Faculty of Science 

We highly recommend checking out the guidebook to the Faculty of Science with maps and plans of the faculty´s buildings. You will receive printed guidebook during the Orientation days. You can check the detailed maps of the buildings in Campus Albertov, including plans of each floor also on this faculty webpage.


The biology section is located in Viničná street. There are 2 buildings. The main building is Viničná 7, where you can find a Library of the Biological Sciences (first floor, n. 102). 

Links for the maps: Viničná 7 and Viničná 5.

The Institute of Enviromental studies in located in Benátská 2 street. There is a Library of Environmental Sciences and also a Library of Botany.

A link for the map: Benátská 2


Section of chemistry is located in Hlavova 8 street. There is a Library of the Chemical Sciences in the ground floor.

In this building, you can also find a bistro called Golda and a student club named Chladič, where you can spend your free time. In Chladič there is a kitchen, some tables where you can sit, and a computer. Moreover, many events organized by the Erasmus club are happening in Chladič!

A link for the map: Hlavova 8 

Geography and Geology

The building of Geographical and Geological institutes is in Albertov 6 street. There are two libraries: the Library of the Geological Sciences on the ground floor and the Library of the Geographical Sciences on the 2nd floor. Chlupáč museum of the History of the Earth is located in the basement. A bistro called Živina is located on the Ground floor.

A link for the map: Albertov 6

How to get to the Faculty of Science?

There are several routes to get to the buildings of the Faculty of Science. Fortunately, the buildings are located near each other in one campus, so you do not need to travel across the capital to another lecture.

Campus FSc CUNI

From the metro stations Karlovo náměstí (line B) or I. P. Pavlova (line C) you can walk to the faculty, it is about 10 min.

To get closer, you can take trams (14,18, 24) to Albertov tram station, then you walk few metres to the faculty buildings, especially to the Albertov 6 (geography / geology) or Hlavova 8 (chemistry) buildings. If you need to go to Benátská 2 (biology, botanics) or our Botanical garden, you can take trams (14,18, 24) to Botanická zahrada tram station.

There is also bus n. 148, which connects Karlovo náměstí and I. P. Pavlova metro stations. It is comfortable to take 148 to the Větrov bus station, which is very close to the biology buildings Viničná 7 and Viničná 5. However, this bus does not arrive frequently to the stations, so if you are in a hurry it is usually better to walk than wait to the bus.