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We organize trips, workshops, cultural evenings and many other events! Our main activities are listed below:


At the beginning of each semester, Erasmus club and Erasmus office co-organize Orientation days. You will be officially registered as a student at Charles University, Faculty of Science. The event starts as an information session on academic and practical matters in a lecture room. Then, we, Erasmus club members, will guide you around the faculty’s buildings and facilities (libraries, computer rooms, canteen etc.). At the end, we usually meet in the faculty pub for a first casual meeting. 😉


These trips are held at the beginning or before the beginning of each semester. You can get to know your classmates and make friends at the faculty 🙂 At the beginning of the winter semester we organize the legendary Bouzov trip. We visit the Bouzov castle, the Javořické caves and surrounding forests and rock formations. At the beginning of the summer semester Eramus club members with the faculty professors organize traditionally the Prášily trip. We go skiing, enjoy the atmosphere of winter and beautiful countryside in Šumava.


It is a regular event during both semesters. We, local students, show you our favourite places, cafés, where you can study and much more! A perfect event for those who want to explore more than the fabled but crowded sights in Prague 😉 If you want to wander around Prague on your own we recommend checking the Prague USE-IT map for young travelers, which is full of great tips for “off the beaten track” spots such as cafes, restaurants, shops, and many more. We also created a map of places in Prague that we recommend you to visit: Explore Prague!


You can expect various workshops during the semester, where we show you a handiwork connected with a Czech custom such as painting easter eggs. Some members are really skilful and keen to teach you e.g. several painting techniques, so we organized Aquarelle workshop. It is just another type of event, where we relax and get creative. 🙂 Christmas workshop called Gingerbread decorating offers you a great oportunity to be creative and not to be hungry.


Erasmus club members organize various evenings which aim is to show you Czech traditions. The overall introduction of Czechia is given by our members during Czech Culture Eve. You have an opportunity to listen to a presentation concerning Czech food, daily life, tips for trips, typical Czech products and souvenir tips. The main cultural events that we organize are St. Nicholas Eve in December and Czech Easter Eve in April. An event commonly starts with a presentation, where we explain you the celebration process, historical background and add some fun facts. Dancing Evening is a funny demonstration of Czech folk dancing. Doesn´t matter if you know how to dance, the important thing is not to be shy and try it :). Also, if you know some of your own national dances, and are keen to teach others how to dance them, let us know! It happened in the past that we learned not only Czech folk dances but also Lithuanian, Finnish, and many others. 😀


We organize multi-day trips or just one-day trips usually in proximity to Prague. We are fans of hiking and camping so expect trips focused on the exploration of the Czech “mountains” and countryside. In the past we organized hiking trips to Velemín, Kokořínsko rock formations, Jeseníky mountains, Říp hill, Czech Amerika, Světlá nad Sázavou, Okoř ruins, Panská rock and many more!


We organize sightseeing trips as well — to historically Czech cities, castles, museums, or even excursions to places such as a brewery. They are usually one-day trips. Some of them are more free when we tell you just the departure time of the train and you can do whatever you want with a small group of friends. Some of them are more regulated, when we booked an interesting excursion in the city etc. Dresden Christmas trip is our traditional (since 2012) and the only trip abroad which we organize so far. It is a day trip for a fabulous price and mostly without the limit for the number of participants. During this trip, you can see the oldest Christmas market in Germany, admire the excellent museums and galleries that are located there, or visit “the most beautiful dairy shop in the world” according to the Guinness Book of Records. Moreover, we highly recommend trying the famous and delicious Dresden stollen (the local traditional Christmas dessert).


Do you like water and having fun? This is the trip you have to participate in! It is a weekend trip with a rather small group of people. Canoeing is one of the most popular Czech summer activities and there is a number of rivers with great conditions for canoeing such as Berounka, Jizera, Lužnice, Morava, Ohře, Otava, Sázava, and Vltava. We will choose one of the rivers and enjoy canoeing whilst surrounded by the beautiful Czech landscape. And of course, it is also about the evenings that we spend together!

Canoeing trip 2022 (Český Krumlov)