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The Department of Physical Education of the Faculty of Science provides many different sports opportunities. There are regular courses, events, and a number of clubs you can join. 

Regular classes

You can choose from:

  • Specialized gym – SIS code MS730C. It includes sports such as Aerobic, Power yoga, Pilates, Aqua-aerobic, Weightlifting, Health exercising, Swimming, Canoeing, Tennis, Softball, Basketball, (Beach) volleyball, Soccer, Futsal, Floorball, Table tennis, Climbing, Sport diving, Athletics, Orienteering, Golf, Badminton, Curling, and Karate
  • General gym in the winter semester includes the basics of swimming and fitness exercise (aerobic, athletics, bodybuilding, etc.) – MS730A
  • General gym in the summer semester includes games and canoeing – MS730B

MS730A and MS730B are mainly for 1st-year students, for who they are compulsory (except biologists), but others can sign in, too.

Both general gyms last 90 min, specialized gyms last 60 min every week. You can enroll in one of them every semester. You will get 1 credit (ETCS) for attending the class (but if you want, you can attend more classes but without the right to credit – in this case, ask the instructor about it). If you choose aqua-aerobic, swimming, or canoeing, you will have to go through a swimming test at the beginning of the winter semester.

Check the schedule of the general gym and of the specialized gym.

To enroll put the right code of the course to SIS – each general gym has its own code (winter MS730A, summer MS730B), for all specialized gyms enter MS730C. Then you will see the schedule of each one. Click to a time and kind of sport you would like to attend and sign up for it. Some sports have very high demand (climbing, pilates, aqua-aerobic, power-yoga) so it’s necessary to do this early enough. 

Summer and winter courses

These courses take place during the summer and winter break. You will get 1 credit for the attendance. But more importantly, you can meet there many new friends and enjoy lots of fun. 

Summer courses

  • The summer training course I – primarily for all 1st-year students, but all others are welcomed, it´s held at Albeř camp – code in SIS is MS730LK (More information is on the website.)
  • The summer training course II — primarily for 2nd-year students, but all others are welcomed, canoeing, held at Horská Kvilda or Vltava River, code in SIS is MS730LK2

Voluntary summer courses – MS730LKV

These are courses focused on hiking, cycling, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, inline skating, orienteering, climbing, or for example on yoga. Mostly they take place in Czechia, but also in Slovakia, Germany or Austria. You can find the list of the courses here.

Winter courses – MS730ZK or MS730ZKV

All of them are orientated on skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or ski mountaineering. Usually, you can choose a trip to the Ore Mountains (“Krušné hory”), Giant Mountains (“Krkonoše”), Bohemian Forest (“Šumava”) in Czechia or to the Austrian Alps. You can find the list of the courses here.

University’s Sports Clubs = VSK

  • VSK Přírodní vědy

As a member, you can go to training and tournaments. There are teams for a different range of sports from volleyball, floorball, softball, belly-dance, aqua- aerobic to diving. Check the web for general information.

  • VSK Přírodověda

This sports club cooperates with Charles University´s sports center and holds training in Hostivař. The membership fees are 300Kč/year. 

  • The Faculty of Science has also its own hiking club and mountaineering club
  • Weekly night orienteering training: this group of students meets up not only in order to improve their navigation skills but also to explore places outside of the Prague city center. Find more information about the training here. You´ll find there all the information you need in the excel sheet (you need to write yourself down on the starting list, check the place of meet-up/start of the training, and you can find there the training´s results). In case you need more information contact Jan Novák at


Some of the regular sports events include:

  • Děkanský sportovní den – Dean´s sport day – held in April
  • Rektorský sportovní den – Rector’s sport day – held in May
  • České akademické hry – Czech Academic Games – held in June
  • Sportovní den Geografické sekce – Sport day of the Geographic department – held in October
  • Memoriál Miroslava Bubníka – Memorial of Miroslav Bubnik, swimming relay – held in November

Check the updated list of irregular sports events here.


Charles University´s sport-center in Hostivař: Bruslařská 1132/10, Praha 15 – Hostivař, most of the courses take place here. Plan of the areal.

Ship yard Regata: Podolské nábřeží 4, Praha 4 – Podolí (canoeing)

Beach volleyball, climbing, squash, gymnastics, and a new circus takes place outside of the sport-center in Hostivař, here are the locations.