Despite Czechia being known mostly for its beer and capital Prague, we believe the whole country has much to offer and it would be a big loss for you if you didn´t dare to step out of the capital. That´s also why we organize trips to our favorite places (which are still not that far from Prague 😉 ). 

We think you might benefit from checking out a youtube channel mostly about Prague called Honest guide which is done by locals Honza and Janek and is full of good tips on what to do or visit but also what to avoid or be aware of in Prague like current scammers trying to cheat foreigners. 

We have created a Google map where we, Erasmus club members are adding places in Prague but also outside of Prague which we think are definitely worth visiting if you got the chance. Hope it will be useful for you! 🙂

Briefly about Czechia:

  • Of the roughly 10.5 million people who live in the Czech Republic, there were about half a million foreigners living in the Czech Republic in 2017. Approximately 7% of the total population and 14% of those living in the capital are foreign-born.
  • The Czech Republic has produced several world-famous biologists (Gregor Johann Mendel, as we all know 😉 ) composers (Antonin Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana), writers (Karel Čapek, Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Hašek who wrote the most translated Czech novel The Good Soldier Švejk), painters (Alphonse Mucha and František Kupka), sportsmen (Martina Navrátilová, Jaromír Jágr) and many others.
  • Czech cuisine is heavy and tasty, with meat and beer playing the main roles.
  • There are no particular health risks for expats in the Czech Republic. If you do get ill, however, there is no need to worry, as healthcare facilities generally provide very high standards of treatment and care. The Czech Republic has a good infrastructure of public and private hospitals and doctor’s practices, and everybody who is employed in the country automatically becomes a member of the general health insurance system.
  • State education is free for everyone who can follow classes in Czech. International schools, English kindergardens etc. charge admission and tuition fees.

Source of some information metioned in the section Briefly about Czechia: https://www.internations.org/czech-republic-expats/guide/living-short