The Buddy programme connects local students studying at Charles University and incoming international students. The local student, “Buddy”, is a volunteer who is a guide and friend to an international student. He can help you with many things such as picking you up at the airport or the bus/train station, show you how the public transportation system works, help you move in or show you the faculty. International students can decide if they want a Czech Buddy.

Would you like to get a Buddy? You need to register at the Broaddy web application and fill in your student profile. It is highly recommended to fill in your profile in detail. If you do not write anything about you (if you are a girl or a boy, which are your hobbies, what is your arrival date etc.), we see quite nothing about you and it is harder to connect with a student sharing similar interests. Czech students choose international students in the app.

The Buddy programme is a Charles University project administered by ESN CU Prague, so it is possible that a Czech student studying at another faculty can choose you. Many members of Erasmus club – Faculty of Science are involved in Buddy programme. 🙂

We wish you enjoy your time with a Czech Buddy in Prague 🙂