Studying at the Faculty of Science

Welcome to the Faculty of Science! We hope that your exchange stay will provide you cultural and educational enrichment! ☺

We´ve gathered some information that will hopefully help you. 😉

General information for incoming students is published on the web of the Charles University (CU), but we rather recommend you to browse the web of the Faculty of Science, where you can find relevant pieces of information for our faculty.

Very important place for you will be the Erasmus office of the Faculty of Science (2nd floor at Na Slupi 16, Praha 2), where resides the Faculty Erasmus Coordinator. In case you want to go there check the office hours first on the web!!

To access the internet at Charles University, you need to use Eduroam. First, you have to be officially registered at Charles University and receive ISIC card (during Orientation days), which enables you to access several services including wifi connection at CU, dormitories etc. The guide to configure your device to Eduroam is described on this faculty site.

Essencial tool to arrange your studies at CU is Student Information System (SIS):

In SIS you can search for subjects (annotation, requirements, syllabus, stats…), find the list of your courses and your schedule (usually published few weeks before the start of the semester). You can also register for the term of the exam here and see the results. The same should be accessible through Mobile app Karlovka.

Many professors have their course on Moodle (FSc uses Moodle 2) , where they can share presentations, upload additional study materials, set tasks etc. You can freely enroll yourself to many courses, but to enter some of them, you need a password, which you should receive from the professor.