Associate Professor Jan Marc: Plant Growth and Development

The course “Plant growth and development” (MB130P20E) by Associate Professor Jan Marc from the University of Sydney, Australia will be held at the Department of Experimental Plant Biology in October. Four lectures will be given, first lecture is going to be on Friday the 8th of October from 9:00 to 12:00, the following lectures are going to be next three Fridays in the same time. Please sign up for this course in the Student Information System at

Course description

This lecture course explores the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying plant growth and development from seed to maturity. It covers the process of building the plant body from embryogenesis, development and operation of meristems, polarity, patterning, controls of flowering and fruit development to programmed cell death and senescence. It includes the role of signals such as plant hormones in coordinating plant growth and development, and the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying plant responses to environmental signals such as gravity, light, drought and pathogen attack. There is a focus on recent plant molecular biology that has been crucial in enhancing our current understanding of plant growth and development. The course uses examples from crop and horticultural plants as well as the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.