Henry W.A. Hanson: Urban ecology + design and planning

Where ends the nature and the town begins? Is it reasonable question? How can city planner use laws of ecology for his work? Which chances and opportunities we have in our cities, which we use and we could possibly use? How the city built according to know-how of ecology as scientific discipline looks like in the concrete? 

Seminar and discusion with Henry W.A. Hanson (American architect and landscape architect), Karel Maier (city planner), Aleš Brotánek (architect) and Petr Klápště (city planner) takes place in the Archicafé (14th floor of FA ČVUT building, Thákurova 7, Praha 6). Entrance is free, but it’s necessary to sign on at petr.klapste@gis.cvut.cz