Trip to Czech Midland (“České středohoří”)

Join us for a hike to unique part of Czech, to the landscape of steep hills, many of them typically volcano-shaped. Not only geology and relief is interesting, but the nature there is also unique. That’s why the region is Protected landscape area. More info about the area can be found for example at the site of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic.

We will visit the hill Boreč famous for special system of pores which run from debris at the bottom of the hill and exhaust at the top. In the winter the cool air from the bottom goes through the hill to the top and heat and humidify itself along the way. In the summer, the movement of the air has oposite direction. The holes at the top can be acessed easily and we will hopefully see there also a relikt — Targionia hypophylla. This is the only known site in Czech, where this liverwort lives. 

Other places we can visit are the hill Lovoš and the hill Košťálov (with ruins of a castle), but these are optional. You can see the map at

We will meet on 14th November at Lovosice train station at 9:56 (the train number R 772 goes from Praha hlavní nádraží station at 8:50) and we will decide about the exact program together (if we want to go just at the Boreč or see also Lovoš or Košťálov). The trip won’t be longer than 15 km so we will be easily at Prague in the evening. 

Those who are departing from Prague, we will meet at Praha hlavní nádraží (main train station) at 8:35 to buy discounted group ticket — the more of us, the cheaper the ticket will be (alone traveler pays 111,- Kč, each of two people with group ticket pays 84,- Kč and 30 person group would pay only 58,- Kč per person) — so come and join us! The exact meeting point will be in front of the bookstore NeoPalladium and boutique Sasch from the side where is less reconstruction happening (northern entrance, nearer to you when coming inside the hall from the tram stop). (If you’re coming from Hostivař there is an IMPORTANT change of tram timetable – tram 26 is leaving Hostivař already at 7:51!, get off at Hlavní nádraží stop and walk through a park to the railway station building.) Find a connection.

I’m not sure about any restaurant etc. on the trip so take your lunch, snacks and drink along. I also recommend some good shoes and warm clothes, since it can be cold and we are going to hike in the nature 🙂

If you decide to go with usplease fill in the form to enrol yourself. The number of participants is limited, so don’t wait 🙂  Looking forward to see you!