Night game: The Pilgrimage Through Old Prague …

… to get to know this dark and mysterious town

In this catchy night game you will go through Prague searching for suprising answers and fulfilling adventurous and enjoyable tasks. In order to make the best number of pe2 or 3 person groups, we need to know exact number of participants so please enrol in our form as soon as possible. The winner will gain “The Master of Prague Knowledge” degree.

We will meet on Friday 10.12.2010 at 17.00 in front of Albertov 6 building.

Approximate time of duration: 2-3 hours
Deadline of registration: Friday 3.12.2010
Registration fee: 20 Czech Crowns
Things you will need: warm clothes and shoes suitable for walking, a pen , a camera (and a cable to get pictures to our computer), a flash light

Prague is awaiting you!