Hiking trip on the legendary czech hill – “hora Říp”

We’d like to invite all Erasmus students and their friends to hiking trip to nice countryside near river Labe with the hill which played the key role in the begining of Czech state long, long time ago;-) And we will climb on it, of course. Check out Wikipedia😉 We will see one conservation area which is the only place on Earth where one flower species grow. (Unfortunately, it isn’t flowering right now…;-) So be prepared for a nice walk — please get ready and take good shoes and food and drink for whole day with you.

We are going by train, so meeting is at Prague main train station (“hlavní nádraží”), which is also the stop of metro (line C — red). Just get out of metro and look for us in the hall. Time of meeting is set to 8:30 AM. It’s absolutely necessary to be there on time, because we will buy ticket together. So be at least at 8:30 in the hall!

We are not sure about time we’ll be back — it depends on how fast we manage whole track. But it should be in late afternoon/evening. The returning ticket should cost about 100 czech crownds. We do not expect any other expenses on the way (except personal one, of course).

We already have some people signed up on our paper — for other — please sign up using this form.