The Dean’s Sport Day 2012

The Dean’s Sport Day, which falls on the 26th of April 2012, belongs to the traditional events at the Faculty of Science. All students and employees have an opportunity to do a sport of their interest on that day. Some events take place also on the 18th and 25th of April 2012.

The event is going to take place mainly at the Hostivař Sports Centre (SCUK Hostivař, Bruslařská 10). You can take part in many competitions both for teams and individuals or you can just go for a lecture of some interesting sport or watch a match or race.

What is it like? See some photos of some sports in the previous years: 2011 — swimming race, baseball, floorball, golf and more; 2010 — swimming race, baseball, football and more; 2009 — night orienteering; 2008 — tennis, football, aerobic and more; the gallery of the Department of Physical Education.

Links to more information (in Czech only): on the faculty websitecomplete program with all contacts for signing up — in doc formatwebsite of the night orienteeringposter of the night orienteering – in pdf

Detailed program in English (shortened translation of the program, contacts are in the doc):


18th of April 2012

1. Streetball — Memorial of Miloslav Rott Sign up untill the 15th April 2012.


25th of April 2012

2. Canoing on the river Sázava (Krhanice – Pikovice) — departure at 8:00 am from the faculty’s shipyard Regata in Podolí. Fee CZK 200,-. Sign up until the 20th of April.

3. Academic aerobic show (organised together with 2nd and 3rd faculty of medicine): An Academic Aerobic Show, five lectures of different sports (ZumbaPower YogaBody CombatDance AerobicŠubr Show) and accompanying program (including raffle) will take place 4 pm until 9 pm in the central hall of SCUK. Beforehand sign up for the lectures is required, registration is from 3 pm.


26th of April 2012

4. Climbing on the climbing wall at Chodov from 8:00 to 11:00 am. Beforehand sign up required.

5. Hiking around the village Ondřejov and visit of Ondřejov observatory Beforehand sign up required.

6. Floorball competition in inflatable hall at SCUK Hostivař from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Teams of 4+1, at least one woman on the field. Fee per team CZK 40,-. Sign up until the 24th of April.

7. Volleyball competition on the volleyball courts at Albertov from 9:00 am. Fee CZK 100,- per team. Sign up until the 24th of April.

8. Softball on the softball field of SCUK from 8:30 am. Sign up until the 24th of April.

9. Football (soccer) tournament on the football field of SCUK from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Sign up (team name, name of the captain) until the 23rd of April.

10. Tennis tournament on the tennis courts of SCUK (or inside hall — in case of bad weather) from 11:00 am. Sign up until the 25th of April.

11. PowerYoga at SCUK, hall A1, lecture for advanced from 7:30 am, lecture for beginners from 9:00 am.

12. Strength training at Posilovna SCUK from 11:00 am to 12:00.

13. Zumba at SCUK, hall A1 from 11:00 am

14. Aqua-fitness at SCUK swimming pool from 12:00.

15. Swimming — team competition at SCUK swimming pool from 12:30 — unconventional relay multicontest 4 x 25 m, teams of 4 members, 2 men + 2 women.

16. Golf at golf course Hodkovičky — entrance under Branický most (bridge), from 12:00. Equipment and instructor will be provided. Beforehand sign up required.

17. Table tennis — individual tournament at table tennis room at SCUK from 3:00 pm. Sign up until the 25th of April.

18. „After Party“ at SCUK from 6 pm to midnight. Performance of student music bands, campfire, refreshment. At 7 pm the Dean of the Faculty of Science, prof. Bohuslav Gaš, will award sport scholarships.

19. Night orienteering — race of mixed couples (1 man + 1 woman). Start — registration at entrance hall of SCUK from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Sign up until the 23rd of April. Fee CZK 100,- per couple, late registration CZK 150,-. Detailed information about different tracks and evaluation (in Czech) — short track, long track, scorelauf, track with strange map, track with riddle, special cathegory. Bring compass and torch. The race will start after dark. See the poster inviting for the race.

The Dean’s Sport Day will be terminated at midnight.

If you are interested in any of the activities, please contact the appropriate person listed in the program.

Feel free to ask us for help. You can use the comments under this article to advertise to create a team 😉