Trip to Dresden (Výlet do Drážďan) – 8. 12. 2012 – IS FULL!!!!!!!

Hello everybody!!!    The new christmas trip is slowly coming! Read more!

I want to invite you to a participation on a trip to Dresden (do Drážďan).
The plan is that we´ll travel by train and the price of transport will be really cheap — Transportation is organized part of the trip. The main part of the trip is more individual. I want to let you visit what you really want to visit. That means that I give you advice, I show you the way to monuments that you want to see and you have free time until meeting before departure → the centre of Dresden is quite small and you can go with small group of people of the same wishes without guide!!!
On the opposite side I also want to visit some places and if we have the same way you can go with me :-)!

Free time in Dresden about 7, 5 hours (I think that during this time you can see 1- 2 museums, see the Christmas market, make a walk across the centre and maybe visit some beautiful churches).

Currency in Dresden (Germany) is EURO!!!! → suvenirs, entrance fee …

Meeting time probably at 8: 00 ? (or at 6: 25) a. m. at the main train station in Prague → the exact time I specify later to participants.

More informations below in word document!!!!