Welcome party for all international students from the Charles Uni!

At Meetfactory art centre/club (Ke sklárně 15, Prague 5)
Programme: DJ N’Zym + outdoor barbecue + exhibition of contemporary art (opened til 11 p.m.)
Price: 80 CZK in pre-sale (from IC CUNI coordinators during registration and all Orientation Week (Day) events / in IC CUNI Office 24th-27th September 1 p.m. — 5 p.m.: Faculty of Social Sciences — at Smetanovo nábřeží 6, Prague 1, room 19 (tram stop National Theatre) / 100 CZK at the door
Transportation by buses directly from Hostivař, Větrník and Hvězda dorms is included. Detailed shedule is below.

Transport to IC CUNI WELCOME PARTY in pdf
IC CUNI – WELCOME PARTY buses routes:
All buses to the Charles University Welcome Party will have a sign on the front and side “IC CUNI WELCOME PARTY” instead of the regular numbers of lines. Buses will stop at the stations close to student dormitories and on following stations in the city centre:

From Student Dormitories:

From Hostivař: 20:30, 21:30, 22:30, 23:30
Bus Stop “Nádraží Hostivař” (bus stop of the regular line 125)
GPS 50°3’14.188”N, 14°32’18.050”E

From Větrník: 20:38, 21:38, 22:38, 23:38
Bus Stop “Větrník” (bus stop of the regular line 191)
GPS 50°5’21.160”N, 14°20’57.703”E

From Hvězda: 20:40, 21:40, 22:40, 23:40
Bus Stop “Nad Markétou” (bus stop of the regular line 191)
GPS 50°4’58.466”N, 14°20’46.759”E

From the city centre:

From metro line A (green) — “Hradčanská”: 20:30, 21:30, 22:30, 23:30
Bus Stop “Hradčanská” (bus stop of the regular line 174)
GPS 50°5’50.571”N, 14°24’21.521”E

From metro line B (yellow) — “Smíchovské nádraží”: 20:55, 21:55, 22:55, 23:55
Bus Stop “Smíchovské nádraží” (bus stop of the regular line 501)
GPS 50°3’40.219”N, 14°24’32.587”E

Alternative way how to get to Meet Factory without using “IC CUNI – WELCOME PARTY” buses:
Meet Factory
Ke sklárně 15, Praha 5
GPS: 50°3’8.850”N, 14°24’29.785”E

Closest station to Meet Factory is a tram stop “Lihovar” where stop trams 6, 12, 14, 20, 54
GPS: 50°3’3.679”N, 14°24’33.037”E