Hiking trip to Křivoklátsko

Hiking trip on 28th of October.

We are going to visit famous forest land pretty near Prague, which once used to be royal game park back in middleages. There is still the biggest forest besides military area or bordering regions of Czechia. And of course, one famous castle;-)

If you want to go with us, please FILL IN A FORM BELOW PHOTOS. If you sign up on the paper during Orientation day or Erasmus Evening, you don’t need to do it again.

Feel free to bring your friends from other facultuies / universities with you. Just please — fill in form for every single person;-) 

There are still free places, however the capacity is limited, so be quick;-)

Practical stuff:

  • Meeting — 8:45 at Prague main train station.
  • Wear good shoes and clothes (we will be in nature whole day).
  • Take along food and drink for a day (there might be an option to buy something, but since the day is public holiday, it’s far from sure)
  • cca 120 CZK for a return ticket
  • returning time — “how it will go”, but I suppose before 18:00

source: Czechtourism

source: zamek-zbiroh.cz

Form for signing up:

Sorry, all places are taken. I hope to see you next time!