Week of Science and Technology 1st – 15th Nov. 2012

Quote from the Week of Science and Technology website: “Week of Science and Technology is the most extensive scientific festival in the Czech Republic, organized by Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR). It takes place each year at the beginning of November and it is going to be already the 12th annual event in 2012. Students and teachers at secondary schools as well as the wider public have the opportunity to look into many research workplaces, laboratories and libraries and learn ‘how science is done’.”

“The scientists from the research workplaces of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic prepare a wide offer of lectures, presentations, panel discussions, seminars, excursions, exhibitions and discussion evenings, in which they present their research projects, the most modern scientific apparatuses and outline for the attendees the latest trends in the areas of science in the Czech Republic and the world.”

Most of the lectures are in Czech, but the programme includes many exhibitions at many places, inlcuding the main building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in front of the National Theatre.