See flowering UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Průhonice Park

The park was founded in 1885 by the Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca. It is huge (250 hectares), beautiful and unique 🙂

An English speaking guide will show us the park and you can then wander around as you wish.

Price is now approx. 200,- Kč* (entrance fee + guide + bus ticket) — to be paid on the spot.

Please, sign up until Friday 12:00 here.

Please, don’t forget to take comfortable shoes, student ID, transport pass and some food and drink.

If you want to wander in the park, bring enough food for the afternoon. Alternatively you can eat in a restaurant in the Průhonice town. However, if you wish to return to the park from the town, you have to buy another ticket (30,- Kč).

*The more people attend, the less is the fee for the guided tour per person as the price is fixed for the group.

PS: If you plan to attend the IC CUNI Farewell Picnic, don’t worry, you can get back to Prague long enough before the start and you can of course join the event later in the evening 😉