orientation days

Orientation days

orientation days

The Orientation days will take place 24th September, from 9 am and 25th September, from 9 am

If you are an Erasmus student who has already been accepted by Charles University, the Faculty of Science (You have received the Letter of Admission ), you receive an informative email about the Orientation Days.

Erasmus students are invited to join the Orientation Days, because it makes their start in Prague and at the faculty easier. The Orientation Days usually begin at the Faculty Erasmus Office. During these days, students get informed about important issues concerning their stay in Prague and their enrolment is done. A guided tour around the main buildings (departments, institutes, libraries, canteen, etc.) is usually prepared by Czech students and departmental Erasmus coordinators and the Buddy Programme is introduced.

Also non-Erasmus international students can attend the Orientation Days.