Vyšehrad Prague walk

Prague walk: Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad Prague walk

Come and discover Prague’s hidden gems with us!

Prague is the magical city, you might have discovered some of its beautiful gems but we are sure, there are many secrets you don´t know yet and for this purpose we organize this event. We czech students want to show you places we like in regular events called “Prague walks” and we start with romantic Vyšehrad. Don´t hesitate and come to get to know about one of the most famous Prague legend and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place.

Let´s discover new places now!

MEETING POINT: In front of the building of Erasmus office of Faculty of Science (Na Slupi 16)

TIME: at 5 pm (we wait around 10 min) and we go out!!!

We promise we have surprise for you!!! 😉