Erasmus Club Fall 2020 – All You Need to Know

You can find the basic information for the incoming exchange students to the Faculty of Science of the Charles University here.

There is information you need after your arrival in Prague — about public transport, accommodation, or for example maps of different buildings of the Faculty of Science´s campus which will help you to find your way around. Also, you can find there a link on The foreign researcher´s guide to the Czech Republic which includes interesting facts about your new temporary home. 


Pre-semester Welcome Trip, 25th-28th of September 2020

Join us for the trip to the Bouzov Castle where you meet us — Czech students from Erasmus Club but more importantly your new classmates. On this trip, we will share with you some general information about the Faculty of Science. But it won´t be just about talking your heads off, you´ll get to know some Czech historical and picturesque places — castle Bouzov, one of the hundreds of castles we have around, or Javoříčské caves. We will play games, sports, make fire, and much more all packed up in one special experience to kick off your Erasmus stay. 

Location: Castle Bouzov is a romantic fortress which was built at the end of the 13th century, has had a very rich history and nowadays it is very often sought by not only tourists but as well filmmakers as a location where fairytale movies are shot. 

We stay in a very nice shared accommodation (6-7 people in the apartment/cabin).

1450 CZK — if you are 26 years old or you don´t have a valid ISIC card
870 CZK — if you are younger than 26 years old and you are a holder of a valid ISIC card in the time of the trip.

Would you like to participate in this trip? Write to us on this email: We will send you more detailed information on accommodation, transport, etc. 

Orientation Days, 29th to 30th of September 2020

It is mandatory as much as beneficial for you to attend the orientation days. You will sign up for the studies and you´ll get your identification card during this day. Teachers, administrators, and Erasmus club coordinators will give you information about the student information system, courses, exams, the academic calendar, etc. Moreover, we will show you around the university’s campus. And if you will be up to it we can finish our small tour in the local student pub called Mrtvá ryba (= Dead Fish). 

Erasmus Club Events during the Semester

We will update the upcoming events of Erasmus club during the semester, you will find the information on our Facebook pageFacebook group, and on the website.

You can look forward to events such as International Dinner (sharing your local cuisine with the others), Dancing Evening (learning traditional Czech and foreign dances), events bound to the Czech traditions (St. Nicholas, Christmas) or irregular events such as screening of Czech films, board game nights, quiz nights, off the beaten track walks around Prague or cultural or sports events (festivals, concerts, theater, meet-ups to go climbing or play volleyball, etc.). 

To stay well-informed about our events we recommend you to become friends with our mascot “Emík” who will share the invitations on the events (