Movie evening

Movie evening 7th April 2022

Movie evening

Hello everyone 🤩,

we would like to invite you to spend a wonderful evening with us while watching some 🎬 cool movies. We will start with 🇨🇿 czech cartoons Krteček and Pat a Mat. Then we will have a vote on following movies: Trainspotting, Donnie Darko, Desperado and the movie with the most votes will be played.

Please, fill in this ‼️ form if you would like to participate:

📍 Where: Hlavova 8, room 016 called “Chladič“ (room in the basement at the Faculty of Science, follow direction signs on the walls)

We will provide some snacks for everyone, but feel free to bring your own, so we can all share some goodies and enjoy a great time. 😊

See you there! 🤩

Movie evening