Movie night II.: A night at Karlštejn

Do you want to spend a Night at Karlštejn, a castle built by the same Emperor Charles IV. who established the University you are now studying at? Come watch this iconic Czech musical with us and be transported to 14th century Bohemia! Numerous historical figures are portrayed in A Night at Karlštejn, including Emperor Charles IV. and his wife, Empress Elise of Pomerania. The movie is a comedy about two women attempting to spend a night at the castle despite the Emperor forbidding any woman to enter it. You can expect beautiful Czech songs (with English subtitles provided), fun twists, and all scenes shot directly at Karlštejn castle. Many of the most famous Czech actors of the 20th century star in the lead roles, including: Waldemar Matuška, Vlastimil Brodský and Miloš Kopecký. If you wanted to visit the castle yourself, this film is a must-watch!

Basic info:

🗓When? 4.11.2022

⏰️ time: 6:30 PM

📍Where? Chladič (Hlavova 8, -1st floor)