Do you want to test all your knowledge of Prague and the Czech Republic that you have amassed over your stay here? Do you want to enter into a fun and challenging competition with your fellow Erasmus students? Grab a friend and join us for this last hurrah!

In this Amazing Race through Prague, you will have to solve riddles, puzzles and tasks given to you at various places in Prague by members of the Erasmus Club you have met throughout the semester. Navigate the web of Prague’s public transport for the most efficient routes, carefully pick your detours for bonus points and avoid roadblocks that will slow you down. Use your knowledge of Czech, Prague, your University’s history and more. But most importantly, enjoy this last day with us! ❤️

⏰ When: May 13, 2023, 10AM
📌 Where: Vyšehradské sady, Vyšehrad
🖍 What to bring: food & drinks, notebook & pen
How: You will form 2 person teams and compete with other Erasmus students over how many points you get throughout the race. Remember, time is also of the essence!
⏰ End: after all the teams have finished, hopefully sometime around 16:00, likely later

Fill out the FORM in our bio to sign up! ⬆

This is our way of thanking you for a wonderful semester, we hope you will enjoy and look back fondly at your stay at Charles University!