Visiting Museum of Communism

Hey everyone,

We would like to invite you to our next event which is closely related to the anniversary of the end of the communist era in the Czech Republic (so called Velvet Revolution celebrated on this Friday, 17 November) – the visit of the Museum of Communism. Come to see what was the life in Czechia (or, better said, in Czechoslovakia at that time) like before the year 1989, how and where did people live, what were the specifics of Czechoslovak society, political and cultural life, which tools did the communist regime use to control (and oppress) its citizens and many other things.

🗒 Schedule: We will meet at the Old Town Square where the communist era started (it is the place where the well-known speech of Klement Gottwald, who shortly after became the first communist president of Czechoslovakia, was made in 1948). Then we will walk for about 15 minutes through Celetná street to the Museum of Communism. After its visit (it can take about two hours) we can walk to Národní třída where a students’ demonstration against communist regime, brutally suppressed by the state police, took place on 17 Nov. 1989 (this was basically the beginning of the Velvet Revolution).

Important information:

⏰️ Time of meet up: 14:30 (2:30 pm)

📍Meeting point: in front of the Old Town Hall at the Information office (next to the Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Square (address, Staroměstské náměstí 1, Praha 1)

❗️IMPORTANT NOTE: As the Museum of Communism announces free entry for students on 17 November, please take your student’s card with you to have the right for a free ticket (valid student’s card ought to be presented at the cash desk).

If there are any questions about this event you can contact the organiser at No registration needed.

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