Hydrologický Silvestr (The New Year’s Eve of the Hydrologists)

On Monday, October the 31st, at 18:00 at Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square):

The year as we (or at least the hydrologists) know it, is coming to an end which has to be thoroughly celebrated. For years the tradition of the “Hydrological Silvestr” has consisted of two major events: The race of cross-country skiers at the Václavské náměstí and the subsequent party at Kolej Budeč.

The race begins at 18:00 near the horse (in front of the National Muzeum). The skiers then have to run the square down to Můstek. If you want to participate, be there on time and bring some navigable winter vehicle. But visitors and fans are also welcome! You cannot imagine how it looks when fifty people run down the square on skis without any snow until you see it with your very eyes!

After the race, at 19:00, the casks of beer will be tapped in the Budeč dormitory’s gym. There will be plenty of beer, food and live music as well (and later, I suppose, even a possibility of a musical session)… The party usually goes through the night with occasional visits of the police until the morning hours.

The address of Kolej Budeč is Wenzigova 20, Praha 2, 12000 — it is not far from the station I.P.Pavlova.

See you there!