Slopes of Albertov

Come and help us to improve environment around our faculty!

Slopes of Albertov are around stairs between Albertov and Viničná.

The aim of this event with three-year tradition is to change the abandoned land between Albertov and Viničná into a combination of a diverse and species-rich natural ecosystem with a place where people could come and enjoy this green island in the city. We want to eliminate the non-indigenous species and highly abundant species — such as false acacia (Robinia pseudacacia), black bindweed (Fallopia) and japanese knotweed (Reynoutria) and support a mosaic of biotopes including wood, shrubs and grass with flowering plants. We also want to improve paths to enable access of people.

To make that happen, students and teachers of our faculty join their forces and you are also invited to join us. We will be happy if you invite also your friends – the more people come, the more we will be able to do and the more we will enjoy it!

Work gloves and tools will be provided by the faculty, so you only have to take working clothes (something firm enough or something you will not miss if it is destroyed).

Here you can see photos from last event.