Hiking trip to stone sculptures of Vaclav Levy

Join us for a hiking trip to an unusual place! A Czech sculptor Václav Levý carved many interesting sculptures into sandstone rocks in the area around Želízy, a village north of Prague. These include ‘The Devil’s Heads’, ‘The Harpist’ or decorations of the caves Klácelka and Mordloch.

Date: Saturday 2nd November

The plan is to meet at the main railway station, go by train to Liběchov, make a circular walk to see the sculptures, which are scattered around the forests there and return by train in the evening.
The whole route is about 12 — 15 km long.

What to bring:

  • Clothes for hiking (including a rainjacket)
  • Packed lunch — there might be no chance to buy food during the trip!
  • 150 CZK for the train — will be collected on the spot. Exact price of the train depends on how many of us are going
  • Good mood 🙂


You will recieve information about the exact time and meeting point by email a few days before the trip.

Looking forward to seeing you!