Erasmus evening: Dances from around the world!

Do you know ceilidhs from Scotland or bal folk from France? These are opportunities for people to get together and dance easy folk dances. This evening will be simillar, just… more international!

Come and join us to learn dances from different countries!

Apart from the Czech dances mazurka and polka, we will do some folk dances from abroad — France, Scotland, Russia, Macedonia, Izrael, Greece, Hungary… so something for everyone!

Here is something to give you the idea:


All of them are very easy and will be taught during the evening, no need of previous experience with dancing 🙂 Also no need to come in pairs!
If you don’t fancy dancing, just come to have a chat and listen to music. Bring something eat and drink, if you wish.

There are two big changes from the previous evenings!!
Time: 8 pm
Place: gym of the Budeč dormitory, Wenzigova 20 (because Chladič is too small for this. It’s near to I. P. Pavlova, see map here:

Voluntary entry will go to cover the rent for the gym (recommended 30 — 40 Kč).

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Looking forward to seeing you!

P. S.: If you know any dances that you can teach us, you are more than welcome to do so!
Contact me (, or just bring the music along (on USB memory or CD) and tell me during the evening.