Drakiáda aka let’s fly a kite!!!

Hi guys,

join us to spend a day out enjoying  typical autumn activity — KITING&BARBECUE!!

Where: metro B station Radlická (meeting in the underground)

What you need:

  1. A kite of course – you can make it by yourself or buy it in almost every toy/stationery shop for 100 Kč or less, for ex. here: http://www.sparkys.cz/letajici-drak-medvidek-61-x-66cm
  2. Sausage (buřt J) or something you can prepare on fire (e.g. bread, apples, potatoes…)
  3. And enthusiasm of a small child J

We will have a competition the most beautiful kite, the most original kite and the best flyer among the kites.

You can join us even without a kite, only with sausages or simply with enthusiasm, everybody is welcome! We will then walk to the hill Děvín, which also has a really great view of the whole city. If you want to join later, you can try to find us there: http://mapy.cz/s/dE5W or just use your phone and call +420728610812

Looking forward to you!