Tour of Hrdlička’s anthropology museum

What makes us human? What makes us different from apes? How do babies grow before they are born? What can go wrong with our bodies? And how can we preserve bodies after death?

Join the tour of our anthropology museum to find out!

The Faculty of Science owns a rare collection varying from skeletons and mummies to African masks and other ethnological artefacts. Most of these were collected over a 100 years ago by a well-known Czech anthropologist Aleš Hrdlička during his work, and a big number of them wouldn’t be, for ethical reasons, obtainable these days. It also includes curiosities such as the skeleton of a professor who wanted to be kept as learning material for the faculty!

Date: Friday 14th November

Time: 13:30 and 15:00

Place: Viničná 7 (Biology building of FoS), at the end of the corridor on the right

Price: 80 CZK

The 1,5 hour tour will take you around the collection and you’ll learn answers to the questions above and much more.

(And the guide is an enthusiastic anthropology student with amazing English 🙂

The capacity is limited to 25 people per tour, so to attend, please REGISTER:

for 13:30…

for 15:00…

and in case you can’t come, let me know asap at so others can come instead of you.

WARNING: The collection includes preserved body parts, preserved embryos, malformed skeletons and other items that may cause some people feel uncomfortable or sick. If you are sensitive to this, I do not recommend this visit 🙂