Bouzov trip

Bouzov trip 2021

Bouzov trip

Dear students,
we would like to inform you about the possibility to participate a welcome trip to Bouzov organized
by Erasmus club of Faculty of Science (a group of Czech volunteering students).
This trip is voluntary and it is not necessary to participate in it. However, we highly recommend it to
you because you can make new friends there.
The trip will be held from 25th to 28th September. We will visit one of the most beautiful castles in
the Czech republic (Bouzov castle), very nice caves nearby and we will do some hiking trips in the

THE PRELIMINARY REGISTRATION you can do on this link (,
Further information about payment we will send you by email later after your preliminary
registration. The number of participants is limited. The first aprox. 30 people who pay the trip have
right to participate the trip and are considered to be fully registered. Preliminary registration does
not give you the right to participate the trip, only the payment of the trip give you such a right (in
other words – your registration is completed after the payment of the trip).

Covid restriction: The trip is open for both vaccinated and unvaccinated students. However, the
covid test will be required before the trip from all participants. We will send an email with further
information on this issue to those who do preliminary registration.

Kind regards,
Erasmus Club of Faculty of Science


Source of the photo: , ČTK, author: Jitka Bojanovká