Happy Easter!


Erasmus club members and our beloved mascot Emu send warmest springtime wishes to you this Easter season! 🥚🌾🐣

Easter 🥚🐣🌾 is here, so let us briefly tell you about how Czech people celebrate it!

🟢 Because of our country’s low religiosity, Czechs consider Easter to be more of a folk tradition celebrating the coming of spring🌼, rather than a religious holiday.

🟢 Traditional pastry 🍞 : “mazanec”, Easter lamb, Judas rolls, Easter stuffing

🟢 Traditions: egg-painting🥚, carolling on Easter Monday🎼, weaving of “pomlázka”

🟢 Pomlázka 🎋 : “the stick of youth”, a braided stick of young willow twigs, used ritually by boys and men on Easter Monday morning. Boys go carolling from door to door around their town. They lightly pat the girls and women with the pomlázka to symbolically bless them with good health, youth and fertility ❤️. In exchange, the girls gift them with painted eggs (“kraslice”)🧺 – symbols of spring and renewal 🌸. In some regions, the girls douse the boys in cold water🌊to make them youthful and vigorous 💪as well.