Przewalski’s Horses Tour 7th May 2022

The Przewalski’s Horse 🐴 is a rare and endangered species of horse native to the steppes of Central Asia 🌱. It used to be extinct in the wild ☠️, but thanks to the conservation efforts of the Prague Zoological Garden in 2011 (coordinated with other contries), individuals bred in captivity were transported into Mongolian national parks🇲🇳. Today, thanks to that effort, the Przewalski’s Horse can once again be found in the wild 💚 You can see the Przewalski’s Horses in Prague Zoo 🌳, but there are four females and one male at Dívčí hrady whom you can see for free. These are the individuals we’ll visit, along with a tour of Prokopské údolí 🌳– a nature reserve right here in Prague, with amazing biodiversity and many rare species of plants. 🌼 We will also take a brief detour to visit Děvín, the ruined castle of the legendary Czech “Amazons” ⚔️🙍‍♀️

⏰ Saturday, 7th of May, 10:50AM – ~2:30PM
📍 Meeting: at 10:50AM at the Radlická metro station entrance
📍 End: at around 2:30-3PM at Nové Butovice metro station
🙍 Capacity: 15 people
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The trail is approximately 8,5km in the countryside 🌸, bring suitable outdoor clothes.

Luboš and Stela are looking forward to meeting you 💚